Applebrook Country

          Day School
5608 Reeds Bridge Road
   Ringgold, GA, 30736
PHONE: 706-866-3900
   FAX: 706-866-3004




    • An immunization form is needed for every child. It must be kept current and provided on the GA immunization form.
    • If your child has a temperature of 101 degrees or more, symptoms of a contagious disease, or an infection you must make other childcare arrangements.
    • In most cases we ask that your child remain at home at least 24 hours after having left the Center because of an illness. Re-admittance is at the discretion of the Director.
    • In case of any medical emergency requiring urgent medical attention, we will try to reach the legal guardian first. If we can’t locate parents or designated adult, we will call the child’s pediatrician. If he/she can’t be reached then we will take your child to the hospital indicated on the Emergency Information Form. Note: At management’s discretion the child may be taken directly to the hospital emergency room.
    • Applebrook will not administer any medication, unless discussed in detail with the Director.
    • Medication should not be left in child’s diaper bag. Please check before entering your child’s classroom.



    • Safety:

        • For your protection, Applebrook will not allow an unauthorized person to take any child from the Center without written parental permission.
        • Parents are required to escort their children to the classroom each morning and to pick up their child from the classroom in the afternoon.
        • Monthly fire drills are held to familiarize children and staff with evacuation procedures.
        • Please drive slowly in our parking lot.



      • Nutrition:

      • Applebrook is a part of the Georgia Resources for Children food program. As a part of this program we are able to offer a well balanced breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. We also are able to provide baby food for the infant room and offer one type of formula.

          • Menus are posted in the front of the Center each month.
          • If your child has a restricted diet we must have a doctor’s note to keep on file.
          • All bottles must be prepared at home daily in a plastic bottle. Each bottle must be capped, labeled with child’s name/date, and ready to use.