Applebrook Country

          Day School
5608 Reeds Bridge Road
   Ringgold, GA, 30736
PHONE: 706-866-3900
   FAX: 706-866-3004


Center Schedule

  • Hours of operation: Monday- Friday


    • Daily rest periods are scheduled. (Mats/cots, blankets, and sheets are provided by the Center.)
    • Outdoor time is a requirement and is planned for each age group twice a day.
    • Applebrook will be closed on the following days: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Any holiday on a weekend will be observed the Friday before or the following Monday. If needed our Center may close one additional day for training purposes. Notification is posted for each closing.
    • Due to everyone’s safety during inclement weather it may be necessary to open late or close early. Announcements will be made on local news and radio stations, as well as, AM 1370.
    • Unless the Center has been notified of certain arrangements childcare is limited to 10 hours per day per the state law.


    Introducing your child to a new group experience can be an exciting time for both parent and child. Whether your child has been at home, in a daycare home, or at another center you can expect there will be adjustments to be made. Give your child time and reassurance. Please feel free to call anytime and check on your child during the day.


    Discipline is handled in a positive manner which is consistent with the developmental needs of the child. Methods of positive guidance include redirection, praising appropriate behavior, and providing alternatives. Clear behavioral limits are set. We encourage children to develop self-control and to handle conflicts in a peaceful, effective manner.
    Note: Applebrook reserves the right to refuse care for a child whose actions and conduct become dangerous to other children/staff after discussing issues with the parent.


    Personal Items:

      • Please make sure your child’s clothing/jackets do not have drawstrings hanging from them.
      • Please dress your child in outerwear that is suited to the weather. The state requires that children go outside everyday (weather permitting).
      • Applebrook requests that children wear comfortable, washable clothes as well as shoes and socks. Children will not be allowed to attend the Center barefoot.
      • Children need a complete change of clothes. In most cases several pairs of underwear/pants would be appropriate. Remember to change the supply as the seasons change.
      • Please label your child’s clothing/jackets.
      • Parents should provide all diapers/pull-ups.
      • Children are allowed to bring a blanket or attachment item for naptime (excluding infant room)
      • Please no toys should be brought from home except on designated days.
      • NO candy, gum, money, or toy guns are allowed.